Hooper’s House of Horrors

I had a dim memory of myself and a neighbor setting up a card table with some bowls of macaroni, peeled grapes and spaghetti and telling people to come inside and feel the real ‘brains’, ‘eyeballs’, and ‘guts’.  I don’t think it amounted to much, but I was telling this story to Kenton and I think I may have suggested that we charged entry to this ‘exhibit’, although I am not sure that is really true.  Nonetheless, Kenton immediately thought this was a great idea and started pressing me to let him run his own ‘house of horrors’. As the summer went along we collected interesting and weird things and talked about what we could include in our house of horrors.  I started to think of it as more of a wunderkammer – a kind of small exhibit of curiosities, rather than a traditional haunted house.  Nonetheless, Maya – who also wanted to participate – was dressed as a witch and I dressed up as a mad scientist.  We made some decorations and signs and invited a bunch of friends over.  It was a really great time.

It was fun to see Kenton run the show.  He was very serious about it and he kept Maya and I busy and in our proper positions at all times.  Towards the end Maya got a little tired of participating and she declared that she “needed a vacation”. Kenton was charging $0.50 per person and at the end of the day he paid his “employees” $2 each.  Maya was very pleased with her earnings.  I’m not sure what the total profits for the day were, since Mr. moneybags just squirreled away his money before I got to count it.

I enjoyed the event in particular for having all of the parents over for some coffee and snacks. It was like having a party – something which doesn’t happen in the Hooper household as much these days!  All in all, it was a lot of fun.  Now all of the wild and weird things have been stored away so we can do it all over again next year.