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Interactive movies

February 8th, 2010

When DVDs first came out there was a lot of people talking about the possibilities that the new medium would offer to the viewing experience. For example they talked about getting access to different camera angles and alternate endings. I was really excited about that possibility. Not so much the alternate camera angles, but the […]

Holiday time is over

January 1st, 2010

It has been a nice long two weeks that I’ve been off, and I am now starting to think about work again.  Inevitably people will ask what I did for my holidays, and it seems so hard to answer.  it’s easy if you go away or do some major activity, but what do you do […]

VSS Enterprise

December 9th, 2009

I am so excited to see the new spaceship that Virgin Galactic have just unveiled.  They are calling it the VSS Enterprise and so clearly make it plain that they are catering to all the rich nerds on the planet.  Regardless of the cheesy name, it is an awesome feat of engineering and design to […]

Amateur Electronics

November 23rd, 2009

A while ago I made a little rocket ship for kenton out of an old dishwashing soap container, cardboard and popsicle sticks.  It was a big hit.  Later I dismantled a little keychain LED light and added it to the rocket like fire coming out of the back.  I used some brass envelope closures to […]

Moustache report: week 2.5

November 18th, 2009

Well, I now really do have something to show.  The moustache is starting to itch, it prickles Cheryl and the kids when I give them a kiss, and I feel like an undercover narc.  All that, and I have yet to collect a single penny on my donation page. Well, I suppose the fact that […]

Media to go

November 18th, 2009

I just read a very amusing comic book on my new iPod. It is really fun being able to flip through the pages using the touch screen. The bold colour and simple text really works well in a portable format. It doesn’t hurt that there are a lot of free comics to check out as […]

Moustache report: week 1

November 8th, 2009

I have decided to participate in a fundraising effort for prostate cancer.  I’m doing this by growing a Moustache this “Movember”, the month formerly known as November. My commitment is to grow a moustache all November and I am hoping that you will support my efforts by making a donation.  The funds raised go directly […]

Is it still Halloween?

November 5th, 2009

Halloween was a big hit in our house this year.  Kenton built an awesome robot costume and Maya was a beautiful princess.  Cheryl made Maya’s hat by knitting this tall cone shaped hat and then felting it.  Maya loved it.  In fact I think she has continued to dress up as a princess every day […]

A fascination with Frankenstein

September 26th, 2009

Some of the Halloween stuff is starting to come out in the stores and popular media, so recently the kids saw a picture of Frankenstein.  They asked who he was and “what he does”.  Now, having read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, I knew that the popular Hollywood incarnation was not a fair portrayal of the monster.  […]

Family time

September 20th, 2009

My Mom and Aunt Sue came to visit today.   It was really nice to see them and Aunt Sue took this great picture of Cheryl and I with little Callie, who is now just over 2 months old. We had some delicious carrot cake, showed Aunt Sue around the house and played with the kids.  […]